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The complete service from consultation, design, manufacture and installation,

our made-to-measure shutters and doors are unrivalled in aesthethic and performance.

Roller Shutter Solutions

From residential to commercial and industrial, we offer a wide array of roller shutter doors for virtually all applications. Built to your specification and comes with a range of options in regards to level of security, functionality, and safety.

Fire Rated Shutters

Our fire protection shutter offer an exceptionally high standard of specification and performance that are recognized by relevant authorities around the world. With fire integrity value of up to 4hrs, we can provide the fire defense you need for your premises. 

Fire Rated Roller Shutter
Roller Shutter Singapore
High Speed Doors

Our high speed doors are built for controlled environment and busy doorway. Whether cold storage, food processing, pharmaceutical lab or logistics centre, our door helps to isolate area from airborne contamination, control temperatures and pressure differences while optimizing traffic flow.

High Speed Doors Singapore
Sectional Overhead Doors

Our insulated sectional overhead doors does it all. It provides excellent thermal insulation, energy efficiency and maximum opening space for application such as 

loading bay, cold storage and logistics center. 

Sectional Overhead Door Singapore
Slide & Fold Doors

Our slide & fold doors is the excellent choice for shopfronts with curved or complicated contours opening, that otherwise needs multiple roller shutter to cover. It requires no bottom track and fold away compactly leaving your shopfront clean and unobstructed.

Slide and Fold Doors Singapore


With a comprehensive range of services and support solutions, BENG works with you to ensure you get the best possible performance out of your door system throughout its service life, regardless of make and brand.

Emergency Repair

Problem with your door can cause major disruption to your business and premises, as well as security hazard. This is why we pride ourselves in getting your door up and running within 24hrs of your service call.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention over costly repair. 

Regular maintenance is needed on all doors regardless of application, simply to obtain

optimal functionality, safety, and prevent 

unplanned downtime.


New life for old system. Let us upgrade and modify your aging door system to meet the 

performance, functionality and legal regulation you need today.



Over 20 Years of Experience and Expertise

Throughout vast experience of working with clients from all sectors of industries and applications, we can provide you with the expert advice and documentation that you need in order to meet various regulations with regard to accessibility, fire safety and general health & safety obligations. 

Better Quality. Faster Delivery. Lower Cost.

Having our own manufacturing facility, along with a superior supply chain management system, enable us to ensure the highest quality control on our products and a faster turnaround time, all at a lower cost.

Continuous Growth and Development

To ensure we have the capability to deliver the best services we promised, BENG has invested substantially on engineering resources and training programs. We encourage our people to challenge established practices and constantly look out for better, smarter ways to improve on every aspect of our business. This includes how we operate, the products and technologies we use, and our commerce approach.

Safety Is Our Priority

We have been awarded bizSAFE Level 4 for our uncompromising commitment to safe work practices,as well as the wellbeing of our staff, customers and anyone else that may come into contact with us. You can rest assure that all jobs are carried out accordance to the safety regulation and standard, in the most effective and safest manner possible.



Talk to us find out more on our services, request some examples of our work, or arrange a meeting.


We pour everything we got into the projects we work on. Here are some of the work we have done. 

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