Our Slide and Fold Doors are the excellent choice for shopfronts with curved or complicated contours opening. This unique system joins multiple door panels with a sliding and folding mechanism and delivers tremendous flexibility for large opening. When closed, the door appear to be a wall of beautiful panels. When opened, the wall virtually disappears leaving an unobstructed clean opening.

  • Versatile contours -  Our Slide and Fold Door can accommodate any bend and complicated contours that would otherwise require several roller shutter of varying widths to cover.

  • Beautiful panels - With a simple and elegant design, these door are beautiful, practical and compliment with the design of your store.

  • Enhance vision - Our high graded polycarbonate vision panels provides better resistance to darkening and discoloration, giving a lasting crystal clear view

  • Space saving - The door require minimal headroom and can be fold away compactly into a small pocket compartment of approximately 10% to 18% of the opening width.

  • Invisible track -  The door uses top hung system instead of bottom floor track. Leaving a shop floor clean and eliminate any chances of it trapping dust and dirt.

  • Operation - The door is manually operated by hand. The door can be single parting to one side or bi-parting to each side of the opening.

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