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Sectional Overhead Doors Singapore



Our sectional overhead doors are a secure and energy-saving solution for particularly industrial application. Featuring a double skinned panel that provide excellent thermal insulation, makes it the ideal choice for temperature sensitive environment such as food processing and cold chain logistics centre.

  • Excellent insulation - Each door panel are constructed of high density foam sandwiched between two steel/aluminium sheets to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic performance. Each sheets are thermally galvanized on both faces and primed for corrosion resistance.

  • Energy-saving solution -  The excellent thermal insulation property of the door helps maintain temperature in the room and reduce energy loss.

  • Wind resistance -  The door is held in by rigid steel tracks with a numbers of heavy duty rollers on each side. Offering great resistance to impact and distortion even when exposed to high winds.

  • Corrosion resistance - Both faces of the door panel are thermally galvanized and primed for excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Excellent sealing - The door seal around the perimeter to prevent dust, mice, rainwater or draught from entering through the gap between.

  • Enhanced visibility - Windowpanes can be added to the door panel to provide natural light in for a more pleasant working environment. It also helps to improves traffic flow and prevents collisions.

  • Enhanced safety -  Safety sensor and anti-gravity catch are optional assessories that can be added to prevent the door from coming down on user and goods.

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