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Fire Rated Roller Shutter Singapore Insulated



The fire rated shutter automatically closes in the event of fire detection to efficiently compartmentalise the fire and stop it from spreading through the building. Not only does it aid the safe evacuation of people from the building, it also lessen the damage done to the property.

  • TUV approved - Rigorously tested with Branz, New Zealand and achieved up to 4 hours fire rating protection. Our fire-rated shutter are approved and certified by TUV-SUB-PSB Singapore and Fire Safety Bureau.

  • One door, dual-use -  Our fire shutter are also designed for daily use as a regular shutter door to provide security and access control, but not as a mean of egress during fire emergrency.

  • Mode of activation - In the event of fire, the shutter's brake release system will descend the door to a close by gravity at controlled speed. The brake is mechanically released by means of a thermal fusible link activated at a temperature of approximately 68°C, which means it still works in the event of power failure. Alternatively, the brake release can also be triggered by linking it to the central fire alarm system.

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