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High Speed Hi-Speed Rapid Fast Door Singapore



High speed doors improve room conditions, save energy and optimize flow of traffic in demanding high traffic environment. They also provide the perfect environmental control solution you need for food process, clean room and pharmaceutical application.

  • Excellent environmental control - The fast door cycle, combined with an airtight seal keeps draught, hamidity, dust and dirt out of your premises. Air leakage is minimized and the exchange for contaminants and airborne particles is significantly limited.

  • Self-repairing technology -  Our door curtain are engineered with innovative self-repairing technology where it have the ability to reinsert itself back into the track upon a minor collision. This is huge benefit for logistic centre, where damaged doors can cause major disruption to operation.

  • High resistance and cleanability - Our high-speed doors are designed to international standards and guidelines for clean room applications. They can easily be cleaned and are resistance against moisture, bacteria, corrosion and other unwanted contaminates.

  • Energy-saving solution -  The fact that the door only remains open a very short while, limits the temperature transfer from one area to another and significantly reduce any energy loss.

  • Excellent reliabiity - Our high-speed doors comes with a controlled drive system that features a soft-start, soft-stop operation. It efficiently eliminate stress on the mechanism and help extend the service life of the door considerably.

  • Enhanced visibility - Full transparent vision panel is available to provide better visibility on the other side of the door. It improve traffic flow and prevent potential collisions of forklifts especially in high traffic environment.

  • Enhanced safety -  Our flexible door curtain makes our high-speed door safe for your personnel and goods, minimizing the impact when hit a person or vehicle. Built-in safety sensor in the doorframe stops and retracts the door to a open position when detected any foreign object in the doorway, further prevent accident from happening.

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