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Transparent PC Polycarbonate Retail Roller Shutter Singapore



Our Clear Vision series are designed and built for the highest level of vision while providing security and natural light transmission. Excellent for retail and showroom application, allowing 24hr showcase of merchandise to potential customers even after closing.

  • Crystal clear - Our high grade polycarbonate and acrylic vision panels provides better resistance to darkening and discoloration, giving a lasting crystal clear view.

  • Powder coat finishes available -  Wide range of color choices are available for your door to reflect the identity of your brand and add a decorative element to the interior and exterior of the building or shopfront.

  • Lighter yet more durable - Our polycarbonate and acrylic vision panel are seventeen times stronger than glass, at half the weight. It exhibit greater strength and resistance to breakage.

  • Mode of operation - The door may be manually operated or motor driven. Manual push up is ideal for smaller opening and does not need a power supply. Motor driven comes with a manual over-ride hand chain for emergency operation in the event of power failure.

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