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Garage Door Singapore Carpark



Our garage door provide security and shelter for your beloved cars from weather and dust. The door rolls compactly into a overhead cabinet, leaving plenty of space in and out of your garage. The modern and elegant look can easily blend in and complement the facade and interior of your home and garage.

  • Excellent security - Keep your cars safe when you are away or home. Shutter door acts as a physical barrier to potential criminals, and a visible deterrent that makes potential thieves think twice before even approaching your garage.

  • Weather protection -  Protection for your cars against atmospheric effects (wind, rain, hail) and any foreign objects that might be taken up by a strong wind.

  • Safety feature - Built-in safety sensor in the doorframe that stop and retract the door immediately to a open position when detected foreign object in the doorway, prevent the door from closing on your beloved cars.

  • Space-saving design - The door operate vertically without any swing out action, allows you to park right up to the door and maximize the space in your garage and on the drive way.

  • UV protection - Keep your car cool during hot days and prevent the exterior and interior from fading and deteriorate under influence of the sun over time.

  • Convenience with remote automation -  Comes with pocket remote control as standard, you can have the luxury and convenience of opening and closing your garage door from inside your car.

  • Powder coat finishes available -  With a wide range of color and finishing options, our garage door can easily blend in and compliment both the facade and interior of your home and garage.

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