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Heavy Duty Roller Shutter Singapore



Heavy duty roller shutter are build to last even in the harshest industrial environment, while providing maximum security to safe keep your property and give a peace of mind.

  • Hard-wearing and low maintenance - The sturdy door design are constructed of high performance steel that provides good resistance to impact and cutting tools. Any minor damages can be easily reworked and repaired without the need of replacement, saving cost and time.

  • Corrosion resistance - Galvanized and powder coat finishes are available for additional protection against the abuse of the harsh climate conditions as well as contaminants present in the atmosphere introduced by urban or industrial activity.

  • Wind stress resistance - Strong interlocking slats profile along with reinforced side guide provides excellent resistance during severe wind weather, minimizing door movement and rattling noise.

  • Mode of operation - The door may be manually operated or motor driven. Manual push up is ideal for smaller opening and does not need a power supply. Motor driven comes with a manual over-ride hand chain for emergency operation in the event of power failure.

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