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Pin hole Perforated Roller Shutter Singapore



Our perforated shutter doors provide excellent ventilation while maintain a high level of security. It allows adequate visibility and light transmission, at the same time precludes the possibility of hazardous article like cigarette butts and pests from entering your premises.

  • Wind resistance - Reduce wind-load force acting on the door through a total perforated surface area up to approximate 50%.

  • Optimum airflow - Fresh air and ventilation reduce air pollutants, bad odors, and the potential of mold growth in damp confined environment.

  • Anti-rain option available - Our innovative anti-rain slat have a reverse groove design to prevent infiltration of wind-driven rain while allowing maximum airflow through your premises.

  • Powder coat finishes available -  Wide range of color choices are available for your door to reflect the identity of your brand and add a decorative element to the interior and exterior of the building or shopfront.

  • Mode of operation - The door may be manually operated or motor driven. Manual push up is ideal for smaller opening and does not need a power supply. Motor driven comes with a manual over-ride hand chain for emergency operation in the event of power failure.

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