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Window HDB balcony Executive Maisonette Roller Shutter



Our elegant window shutters are ideal for residential and commercial office application. Not only does it provide security and privacy to your home and office, it also offers insulation against noise and various weather conditions, greatly improve ambience and climate control on the inside. Extremely popular among HDB and executive maisonette owners for their window at the service yard balcony.

  • Clean and sleek design - Our innovative engineering solution helps to eliminate the use of bulky motor and shutter cabinet, giving a clean, sleek and compact design that can easily blend and fit into any corner of your home.

  • Uncompromising security - Keep your property safe when you are home or away. Shutter doors acts as a physical barrier to potential criminals, and a visible deterrent that makes potential thieves think twice before even approach.

  • Noise reduction -  Help reduce the amount of noise entering your home or office, allows you to have a good sleep or full concentration on your work. And if you live or work next to a busy street or annoying neighbor, you know every bit helps.

  • Powder coat finishes available -  Wide range of color choices are available for your window shutter to reflect your style and compliment the facade and interior of your home or office.

  • Energy-saving solution - By keeping your shutter close while having your air-conditioner or heater on, provide better temperature control and helps to prevent energy loss.

  • Privacy -  Whether you live in a secluded area or in a neighborhood where neighbors are a little "too close", our window shutter allow you to 'tune out' any unwanted onlookers that might be a nuisance to the privacy of you and your family.

  • Weather protection - Protection for your home and office against atmospheric effects (wind, rain, hail) and any foreign objects that might be taken up by a strong wind.

  • Mode of operation - The door may be manually operated or motor driven. Manual push up is ideal for smaller opening and does not need a power supply. Motor driven comes with a manual over-ride hand chain for emergency operation in the event of power failure.

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